Karlgeorg Hoefer’s idea of imparting the enjoyment of writing – of beautiful calligraphy – to a larger group of interested people was a main objective in founding the Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor and has been practised ever since then.
Writing represents not only the transfer of a textural content in letters, but also training and sensitising the eye to see.

In this respect the artistic, creative design with characters, which we might call letters, is an activity that contributes to the retention of our culture – not just to our graphical culture. That which applies more than ever today – for itself and for the community – is to retain and promote "Script" as a cultural asset.

The participation in the courses of the Schreibwerkstatt, the interchange of experience amongst calligraphers and with the lecturers should encourage all those interested, whether beginners or advanced, to fulfil their potential and progress in the field of handwritten letters and characters.

For over 25 years international and German lecturers have been offering intensive courses (summer and autumn courses) and evening and weekend courses, in which historical and contemporary scripts and their most varied design shapes are the subjects. That fact that the courses are very much in demand and often oversubscribed demonstrates the balance in the capability spectrum and the alignment of the courses for the current trend in this artistic field.
Once the programme has been published, anyone can take part in the calligraphy courses – spring/summer and autumn; there is a discount for participation by members.
In the following year the courses briefly presented in the annual publication with a report and pictures.

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