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The "Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach, Förderkreis internationaler Kalligraphie" (Society for the Promotion of International Calligraphy) was founded in 1987 as a registered society on the initiative of Professor Karlgeorg Hoefer.


Prof. Hoefer had already founded the "Schreibwerkstatt für Jedermann" (Calligraphy Workshop for Everyone) in 1981. The success of this workshop and his international contacts encouraged him to found an institution for calligraphic art and particularly in Offenbach. It  was here, after all, that the great men in typesetting and calligraphic art - Rudolf Koch, Karl and Wilhelm Klingspor, Fritz Kredel and Karlgeorg Hoefer - pushed forward in contemporary font development, making the town the international centre for calligraphic art.



Renowned national and international calligraphers enthusiastically supported Karlgeorg Hoefer in his efforts in the maintenance and ongoing development of calligraphy. Calligraphic artists, well known beyond Germany's borders, e.g. Professor Hermann Zapf, his wife Gudrun Zapf-von Hesse and Professor Hans Schmidt, were his companions in this project and became members of the Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach.

The "Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach" represents the idea of beautiful writing and of treating calligraphy as a cultural asset with a high artistic value. It is concerned with practical writing and creative script design and offers calligraphy courses and workshops under the guidance of leading teachers from within and outside of Germany.


In 2012 the "Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach" celebrated its 25-year anniversary with the exhibition "We write inspired – writing inspires". A large number of members showed their work in the expansive show, which was accompanied by an impressive catalogue. However, the show pieces were works from Professor Karlgeorg Hoefer. In this anniversary year the City of Offenbach honoured the work of the Schreibwerkstatt for its excellent profiling and far-reaching propagation of calligraphic culture with the Culture Prize of the City of Offenbach.


For the Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach with more than 240 members in Germany, Europe and throughout the wider world the principal consideration is the contemporary ongoing development of calligraphy along with maintaining contact to societies and calligraphers everywhere who have the same objective.


The newly set up "Karlgeorg Hoefer and Maria Hoefer Archive" in Offenbach provides a central venue for members and other interested persons and is place for exhibitions.
Let us go on a journey of discovery into the world of letters and their design.



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