Working in calligraphy provides a lot of personal enrichment: This may be the ideas generated by coming together with like-minded people during courses or contact to teachers from many different countries who pass on their knowledge and skills. This also includes the interchange of experience, help in the solution of design problems or advice on how technical difficulties with, say, tools or materials can be mastered.

Members of the Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach receive extensive information about everything which occurs in the wide field of calligraphy. An annual which is free of charge to members gives information on courses, current happenings in the scene, activities such as exhibitions and other events.

This is supplemented by information on our web site which is always kept up to date. The Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach organises evening and weekend courses as well as a summer and an autumn school every year. Members regularly receive the programme of courses. For members there are more favourable charges for participation in the courses.
Entrance to the exhibitions in the Klingspor Museum is free of charge for members, because the Schreibwerkstatt is a member of the Society of Friends and Promoters of the Klingspor Museum.
Members pay annual subscriptions. This means they help us to finance all that is on offer (annuals, rental of the archive premises, information material, etc.). In the end everyone profits from membership. The more members contribute to maintaining calligraphy as a cultural asset, the easier it is for the honorary officials of the society to represent this objective by activities and also in public.
AND: For anyone actually wanting to become engaged in this field our society offers the platform and the opportunity. In this way it is possible to cater for your own interests within the framework of a community.


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